Branding success! Squiddle Ink shares the success of the Black Ship Grooming brand.

Squiddle Ink is proud to share the story of the Black Ship grooming companies brand success. The companies founder Kelly Hogan has remarked on the positive reception of this product as the range has been expanded.

black ship 1black ship 2

With products such as Lip balms, beard oils & shaving creams it has proven successful to create a heavily illustrated brand…

black ship 4 .        black ship 6

It is excellent to see video reviews for the product created by the public and the labels being celebrated in photographs across the web.

black ship 5black ship 7

When printed and arranged the packaging really has a strong identity and many customers have commented that the Black Ship Grooming brand is instantly recognisable.

black ship 8

Festive and seasonal ranges are available for Christmas and Valentines etc.

Please see their website for available products

black ship 9

Staying within the confines of a theme can really work wonders for your brand. This brand underwent a major makeover as the company was originally named Beaver Woodwright. This style was rustic and fine for Shaving gear but the decision to transform the shaving kits theme to pirate history and folklore has granted Kelly Hogan much more room for researching the themes. As well as being an extremely fun topic for Stacey @ Squiddle Ink to illustrate it was also interesting to depict the ancient myths.


black ship 11               black ship 12





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